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March 2010

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One B ain't no big. I wish you weren't stayin thought. I'm gonna miss you like crazy. I gotta get serious on Monday too yo. Class and work. Lo mismo que tu. Same as you. Feliz Cinco de Mayo


HaHa you're married! :p

:D Just kidding... even though you are married. Yo! I miss you like crazy already. Tally is kinda sorta boring. I made a new friend so that's newly entertaining. But I think this town would've been better with you in it. Hope you're straight down there. Havin' tons of fun with the original crew.

I remember when you called me up last summer and asked me if I wanted to go to a wedding.

Haha. I was like sweet, you want me to be your date. So I was like, "Sure, who's wedding?"

And you were like, "Mine."


Hahahahaha. It was pretty mind blowing. Haha. I had fun at the ceremony. :)

Yea. YO! How do you have so many comments and so many friends on this thing. It's crazy. I know like five people. lol.

Yo Jess, I love you. Gimme a call if you're ever bored.


lmao seb you also comment in the wrong spots. but luckily livejournal tells you on the homepage.
but i miss youuu seb. you need to be in miami.
&& I'm not exactly sure who the original crew is but sure.

lol yeah, i love weddings. more people need to get married.even if it's just to get their friend's drunk.

& mine is ollld. nobody uses this anymore except like 5 people. 1 being I'm not even sure if i actually know him but if I do it's weird.
haha. love youu & i lost my phone last night :(

I'm gonna go in reverse :)

Jealousy is a huge bitch, man. But I'm glad you can recognize it as such and subdue it as much as possible. Shouldn't feel bad about feeling jealous, just try and need feed the fire. Just let it die out as quick as possible by realizing it's a stupid emotion. I'm sure you know all this, but it's good to hear (for you and for me).

The friends thing is tough as hell, but part of life. I read somewhere that the avg person changes their close friends every 7 years. Haha I think I told you that once and you were all like "Seven years! I change mine like every six months." Haha.
Yea man, I mean... My grandma told me not too long ago that if you counted all your close friends on one hand, the ones you know are gonna be there for the REST of your life, you're gonna have fingers left over.
She's probably right yo. I mean, hopefully we can fill up both hands and feet with friends like that, but this era moves too fast and people get wrapped up in their shyt and become estranged. Then they have trouble unwrapping that estrangement later when you meet up again. (idk if that was confusing)

Personally yo, I just try to be as honest with my changed personality and values as possible. No reason to live in the past. We've all changed. We'll never stop changing. When I hang out with friends that I've sort of neglected over the years (Jenny G, Linda, Dre- you know the folks I'm talkin about), I just try to be myself and enjoy their changes as much as possible.

Not sure if that's valuable advice. Just try to enjoy the people, new and old. I mean, I don't hang out with those cats anymore cuz we don't do the same things. It's not anything personal. So no one's feelings should be hurt because "things have changed."
Bullshit man.

Oh, btw, is Christine hot? ;)

Sucks about your manager and your friend yo. Jobs can blow. I feel the need for flo too. I'm trying to ride to NYC plenty of times these two semesters. (Tosh lives there now)

YO! But I'm so glad that your school and santi and your new friend/friends are going good man. Makes me happy to know you're doing good and having fun (where it's possible).
I hope you get into UF, if that's what you really want, or the Art Institute. Hook me up with some of your work. I'd love to see it.

:) I love you Jess. I'll hit you up soon I promise. Let you know when to come up.
School is kicking my ass, and I don't really care for it right now. Maybe I'll write you a post soon and let you know how things are movin with me.

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